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Shabanov Yuriy Mikhaylovich, Assistant, sub-department of natural scientific disciplines and humanities, Penza branch of International Independent University of Ecology and Political Science (33a Kalinina street, Penza, Russia),
Bondarenko Vladimir Viktorovich, Doctor of economic sciences, professor, sub-department of management
and marketing, director of Penza branch of Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
(33b Kalinina street, Penza, Russia), 

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Background. Emergence of the interest to a phenomenon of group integratedness is caused, first of all, by specifics of transition from the industrial to the post-industrial civilization when the human factor gains the value and status of a measuring instrument of economic success of a modern organization. The topicality of the problem is also defined by features of the epistemological situation which has developed in the field of researching the organizational identity, as a public phenomenon, that is an existing contradiction between a considerable volume of available diverse scientific materials and the insufficient level of its sociological generalization and judgment. The purpose of the work is to carry out the sociological analysis and identification of the factors primatily influencing formation and development of the organizational identity in the corporate social environment of banking institutions.
Materials and methods. Realization of research tasks was achieved on the basis of the analysis of scientific provisions of domestic and foreign scientists and experts, reflected in works on sociology and social psychology. The theoretical base of the research embraces fundamental works of sociologists reflecting conceptual bases of the theory and practice of institutionalization, development of organizational identity and formation of the corporate social environment. For the solution of the tasks set in research the following methods of investigation were applied: questionnaire, supervision, expert method, the general scientific principles of the analysis of the social phenomena and economic-mathematical methods with application of computer data processing in EXCEL, SPSS.
Results. On the basis of the theoretical analysis the authors reveal characteristics of group integratedness of the identity of a modern organization, components of organizational identity in the social circle of bank employees, influencing culture of modern banking institutions, as well as establish gender specifics of behavioral characteristics of bank employees in realization of organizational values of financial credit institutions and suggest main directions of organizational socialization of bank employees, based on the use of the factor of organizational identity.
Conclusions. Studying the problem of formation of group integratedness and providing cultivated examples of behavior are most fully possible in the situation when estimated factors promote identification of working results and the level of loyalty, positioned with distinctions in the level of professional success. The directions proposed in the research allow complex approach to questions of formation of the organizational identity of personnel and promote development of forming elements of the organisation culture in the corporate social atmosphere of banking institutions. 

Key words

organizational identity, corporate social environment, organizational culture, commercial bank, gender specifics. 

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